Natural Table Runner

Natural Table Runner

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Brighten up any dinner table and add culture to your home with this soulfully woven table runner. Coming all the way from the hills of Swaziland it’s sure to make for interesting dinner conversations.


Measurements: Approx. 150 x 32cm

Materials: Lutindzi grass and sisal fibre

Technique: Handwoven and coloured using eco-friendly dyes

Care Instructions: Handle with care due to delicate nature

County of Origin: Swaziland

*Due to the artisanal nature of this product, colour and size may vary

The Story Behind the Product

Each natural grass runner has been handwoven by women in the mountains of Swaziland. Weaving from home, allows these women to be the breadwinners using skills passed down from their ancestors. Each woman is supported by a local women’s empowerment project which helps them to use their fair earnings and sustainable employment to better their families and communities.