Our Story

Little Girl Higgler Why

The story of Higgler began back in 2016 while driving around Morocco. Inspired by a country of such beauty, and the skilled artisans I met along the way, a seed was planted to help support the talented people around the world who were living in poverty despite their phenomenal skills. 

On return to the UK, I spent the year completing the Charity Fast Track course with the innovative children's charity, Child.org, and delved deeper into the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. On International Day of the Girl, Global Goals released ‘Freedom’ a video created to encourage people to stand up for the freedom of girls everywhere. It was in that moment that I knew I would take action and help (the rest of the world) work towards achieving the development goals by 2030.

So I set off around the world, a woman on a mission and joined the conversation.

No longer just an exciting idea Higgler is now an ethical shop, where every purchase supports fair trade organisations and artisans internationally. I am sure the wonderful creations will delight anyone that is lucky enough to fill their homes with these precious treasures.

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