International Women's Day

I spent International Women's Day surrounded by a powerhouse of women and a lot of chocolate cake!

I joined The Inspire Network for breakfast at the Union Rooms where we heard from three business owners and the journeys they have been on so far. I didn’t know anyone before attending but left feeling welcomed and armed with some inspirational new friends. If any female entrepreneurs are looking for a support system, then this is it! They have micro groups broken down by regions and topics so there is literally something for everyone.

That evening I attended COCO’s International Women’s Day Event at Newcastle University. COCO is an incredible charity who provide sustainable quality education to children living in poor and marginalised communities. Did you know that it's currently illegal for females to receive an education in Tanzania if they fall pregnant? COCO work tirelessly to overcome the obstacles that prevent children from receiving an education and raise money through a variety of exciting challenges. If you want to get involved, check out their collection of local and international adventures.

Higgler COCO Event IWD

We also heard from Susan Wear and Louisa Rogers. With a wealth of experience working at senior level and often the only women in the room, Susan gave an inspirational speech about her experiences in business. Louisa the founder of Trendlstr discussed fast fashion and how we can make sure our purchases aren’t having a negative impact on others lives. As you can imagine, I was listening closely as this is one of the main reasons I started Higgler in the first place.

To find out more check out 'The True Cost' documentary it's currently on Netflix!

I ended the day enthusiastic and even more determined to make Higgler a success. Help us to support women around the world by shopping from our ethical collection.

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