5 Easy Houseplants that Anyone Can Grow

I’ve gathered a few houseplants that will spruce up your space with very little effort. Green thumbs or not, these plants look the part and aren’t too demanding either. They require a little care but nothing too extreme so won't fall out with you too much if you forget to water them or are away from home for a week or so.  

1. Sansevieria (aka snake plant or mother in law’s tongue)

This is the perfect plant for the plant killers out there. It’s super tough and doesn’t require much maintenance at all. It enjoys light but can grow in low light and only requires watering occasionally. It’s easy to grow and difficult to kill – double win! Oh, and it removes toxins in the air too. Just give it a little wipe every now and again to keep its pores free of dust.

Snake Plant Care | Easy Houseplants


2. Madagascar Dragon Tree

The Madagascar Dragon Tree is super easy to maintain and can grow up to 6ft over 10 years. It’s happy in part shade/part indirect light and likes soil that is slightly moist. No need to overdo it – you can let it dry out between waterings -  many report theirs thrived even after months of neglect and no water. It’s also another great way to draw the toxins out of the air in your home too.

Madagascar Dragon Tree | Higgler HouseplantsThe Tree Center

3. Succulents

These little plants are super popular and for good reason. They are incredibly low maintenance and there are hundreds to choose from in all sorted of colours and shapes. They like around six hours of sun per day and like to be watered a little more in spring and summer when they are growing. Soak the soil until water runs out of drainage holes and let them dry out between waterings. Give them a little wipe to remove dust when you remember too.

Bloomer's Succulent Shop

@Bloomer's Succulent Shop

4. Cacti

If you want something unique then look no further than the cactus. They come in weird and wonderful sizes and are quite easy to take care of too. Coming from a desert they love the sun! Stick them in a sunny spot and water regularly if you want them to grow (although they can survive droughts) and let the soil dry out between waterings.

Cactus Picture | Higgler Blog


5. Aloe Plant

It's also a succulent but I decided it needed a special mention as this magical little plant is such a great one to include in your home. It improves air quality and has also been used for thousands of years as a medicine. The gel inside can be used topically for minor skin burns and cuts. It loves the sun so pop it in a sunny area and give it a soak every few weeks – let the soil dry out in between.

Aloe Vera Plant | Higgler Houseplants

Have fun choosing your new favourite houseplants and don’t forget to check out our selection of gorgeous handmade planters to put them in.

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