4 Inspiring Bohemian Décor Tips

If you’re anything like me, you have countless Pinterest boards full of inspiring boho home décor and are drawn to textiles that have something to say for themselves. After travelling far and wide to collect global finds, I have gathered my top tips for all thing’s bohemian decoration, so you can transform your favourite space into a globally inspired sanctuary.

The bohemian style is cosy, relaxed and lived in. It’s inspired by those who lead an adventurous life full of travel and invites people to make themselves comfortable and stay for a while.

1. Mix colours, patterns, and styles

You could go all in or keep things neutral with a subtle nod to the style using a selection of your favourite pieces – let your personality show! If you find mixing patterns tricky, why not stick to a colour theme. Think warm earthy tones like browns, greens and greys as a base and then use powerful showstopping colours to show contrast. Patterned cushions are a great way to add an instant injection of colour and style.

Bohemian Home Ideas | Higgler HomesBohemian Home Ideas

2. Texture, Texture, Texture

Add depth to your space with different textures. Focus on natural fibres such as textiles, wood, wicker, plants and tactile pieces that feel nice to touch. These can be found in a number of places so get creative. Why not layer a patterned rug with a neutral one or hang your favourite rug on the wall alongside artwork and wall hangings? Or throw a gorgeous blanket on your sofa or bed to add texture while creating a cosy place to snuggle up.

Bohemian Home Decor | Higgler Homes@Bohemian.earth

3. Plants!

Breathe life into your space with some new plants (you officially have permission to add more to your collection). Not only do they improve air quality in your home, but they also bring vibrancy and create a jungle vibe. If you struggle to keep plants alive, start off with something like a snake plant, succulent or cactus. They are all very forgiving and look beautiful too – especially when housed in unique planters.

Mr Cigar | Higgler Homes@mrcigar

4. Create your happy place

While there are no hard and fast rules with this style, the one thing I would say is to include pieces that you love! It may be a work in progress but collect pieces over time that speak to you and let them become part of your story. Keep your eyes peeled for vintage and handmade pieces that make you happy and enjoy your wonderful world at home.

Gozdee81 | Higgler Homes@Gozdee81

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